This blog is the experiment of one packaging designer.

The Idea

The experiment began at the start of 2012. It was born from a time when I felt my creativity was being held back, by limiting projects, conservative clients and the corrosive effects of time and deadline to kill the ownership of projects within large brand agencies.

I felt bitter towards these conditions, but rather than stew in the juices of regurgitated copycat design, I put my efforts into creating something good, something creative, something that wasn’t held back or restrained. To create packaging that could puff its chest out, stand up and be different from the crowd.

I wanted to produce designs that I believed in, that I thought broke the mould and pushed the brand. That took mediocre work and showed how it should be done. I wanted to produce designs that I could be proud of.

The Experiment

And so the intention of Dzine Mafia was to take real packaging, that I felt fitted those criteria and reproduce it with no restraints, no clients, no restrictions, no holds barred…

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