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ClearCoat packaging design by DZINE MAFIA

Experiment #5

Something different happened with this experiment – it found me! The guys at Clear Coat emailed me after reading the blog saying they liked the results of the first projects and wondered whether I’d consider taking on their packaging design as the next DZINE MAFIA experiment. Wow! The next project was set up.

Clear Coat

Clear Coat make scratch protective film coatings for mobiles, tablets, laptops, cameras, etc. It’s one of the best and strongest in the market, uniquely applied with the help of a liquid solution and squeegee. Even though they have a vast product range and sell throughout the world in-store and online they’ve always kept their packaging design in-house. In taking on the project and keeping to the DZINE MAFIA ethos, Clear Coat agreed to give me total freedom in the design process.

My brief

So, with a new project ready and one that was ‘real’ I felt I needed to define a clearer brief for myself – redesign the basic box packaging to give Clear Coat a stronger shelf presence, with a quality and premium feel whilst allowing the packaging to be tailored for different products. I also decided to drop everything from the existing design and start afresh. I wanted to try something different with the pack mechanics, something that would feel nice to open, and add an extra quality for the consumer.

Initially I went down a few routes, a lot that were obvious or tired or just seemed to be trying too hard. Until eventually landing on the concept of a shield. This started off as two stylised C’s (from Clear Coat) that formed a shield, and developed into a new brand logo and then further into the packaging concept. The current Clear Coat emblem includes a shield, so this felt like a good nod to that.

ClearCoat packaging design by DZINE MAFIA

The Shield

The shield really sums up what Clear Coat is all about – a strong, protective defence that will take all the cuts and scratches you can throw at it to safeguard your device. The packaging concept shows this in a contemporary graphic style, with two dynamically curved shapes overlapping to create a shield that encompasses and protects the illustration of the device. The information is kept minimal allowing the eye-catching green arrowhead to stand off the white background, creating a strong and daring brand look that jumps off the shelf.

ClearCoat packaging design by DZINE MAFIA

ClearCoat packaging design by DZINE MAFIA

The packaging

The clear slipcase slides off to reveal the inner card pack, which is overprinted with the product title and illustration. Making the packaging customisable was a must, but I didn’t want to just add a label on the front face. Instead this helps to make the product feel bespoke rather than being a uniform pack with a barcode sticker for identification. It makes the consumer feel the product is specifically made for their device, not just a generic pack.

ClearCoat packaging design by DZINE MAFIA

ClearCoat packaging design by DZINE MAFIA

ClearCoat packaging design by DZINE MAFIA

The premium feel follows through the opening of the pack. A gatefold cover reveals a minimal inner declaring the product ‘Proudly made in Philadelphia, PA, USA’, something from Clear Coat’s mission statement. Two interlocking panels then open to show off a patterned inner with an instruction leaflet on display in a coloured Paperfoam tray.

ClearCoat packaging design by DZINE MAFIA

I wanted to keep the instruction leaflet clean, clear and simple. The instructions need to be easy to follow with enough breathing space around each point so as not to over complicate the process. To help the consumer even more I included a QR code linking to a video demonstration on the Clear Coat website.

A final touch to the overall concept was to create one last shield though the combined shapes of the bottle label and squeegee.

The result

The final packaging is very different from the existing Clear Coat pack. It’s freshened it up, given it a bold look on shelf and a premium feel in the unpacking process. Clear, bespoke instructions along with a QR code to an instruction video give the consumer a friendly and considered feel, instilling the thought that as the product is presented well, so it will act well.

Commercially, I’ve probably gone too far, but that’s what these experiments are about. Trying to push a piece of packaging beyond the normal, to make it something good and desirable. In that I think I’ve succeeded.

The current Clear Coat packaging